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Mission Communication

Human language is a multi-layered phenomenon consisting of grammatical and phonetical building blocks, cultural aspects as well as interactive and creative influences. Language is a living thing and may not be created and translated mechanically, but only with cultural and stylistic sensitivity.

Our mission is to contribute to global communication by basing translations, editing and the training we offer on our fields of expertise and cultural competence, working with utter diligence and professionalism on all projects. We translate and proofread texts only if we are deeply acquainted with the culture and stylistic subtleties of the language.

Concerning trainings, this means that communication and cultural knowledge are crucial components of the course contents.


The synthesis of precision, sensitivity and expertise gives rise to high-quality translations. Our fields of expertise are law, medicine, tourism, literature and culture.


For quality assurance of your own texts we offer editing by native speakers.


We wish to support you in your use of the foreign language as well as help you make a smooth "start" in learning the target culture. Our programme is topped off with language and intercultural trainings as well as training for job interviews.

Building blocks

For us, successful cooperation consists of:


What we do, we do with passion and engagement.


Through completion of our orders on schedule, we assure a smooth cooperational process.


We make time for our customers and their needs and requirements. That way, we assure that the end result is of the highest quality and custom-made for your needs.

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