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Language training - Learning German from a native speaker


We teach language in a communicative and application-oriented way. Grammar and vocabulary of a language are an important part of that, however, we place a key focus on interaction and communication. We offer you creative and dynamic preparation for the situations in which you will use foreign language - for professional contexts as well as everyday life.


We offer the following courses:


  • German as a foreign language
  • German for medics
  • German in the business context
  • General conversation


The training courses are organised either for small groups (up to 6 participants) or mini groups (up to 3 participants). Conversational classes are generally individual appointments.

Training for job applications


The writing of CVs and cover letters for job applications and the correct behaviour in job interviews is rarely easy, even in your mother tongue. This process becomes all the more difficult if the job application is for another country where your native language is not spoken.


In our training course for job applications you learn how to present yourself in a compelling way, how to emphasise your strengths and how to cope with critical questions.

Be convincing - throughout.


To support self-awareness, we use practical exercises with video feedback.

Rhetoric and presentation


The effect of a presentation depends on many factors. What posture does the presenter have? How does s/he deal with language? In which way does s/he use voice and intonation? How does s/he establish contact with the audience? Our exercises, that help you perfect your precision of delivery, deftness of expression, stable posture, voice and articulation prepare you for an assertive and effective presentation in front of an audience.

Intercultural training


Misunderstandings in contact with other cultures are commonly caused by culturally influenced differences and different ways of perception and mindset. The intercultural training for Serbia and Germany will prepare you for the encountering these cultures and sensitise you to intercultural discourse.


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